Gemlogic Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

iPhone Application - Gemlogic

This is a bejeweled style game. . .match up the gems.

iPod touch: Gem Logic App

Fun game with Gems and you match them within threes.. fun and easy to play.

iPhone App - CubicMan

A puzzle game with cubes.

AstroSwami Pro - iPhone App - GET PERSONAL! It is an app about YOU!

Zodiac app for the more seriously-inclined and not a frivolous kind. Per Jackie Judge: My boyfriends first impression of AstroSwami Pro was, TRIPPY. I cant think of a better word to describe...

Bomboozle iPhone

Short video of the Skulls game mode of Bomboozle iPhone - my first iPhone game developed with my colleagues at Megadev and based on the hit Flash game. It's a addictive collapse style puzzler...

iPhone Application - Kusari

info @

Bomboozle iPhone is here!

Limited Time Price Drop *** In the run up to the holiday season, we've slashed the price of Bomboozle to get into the festive spirit...only $99c! Also, look out for special offers at...

Spinblox for iPhone

Spinblox™ is a fun and exciting new falling block puzzle game for all ages, including Classic and Advanced games with 2 different modes: Endless and Timed. Classic, first seen as a Web app,...

Gemmed! iPhone App (video 2)

Gemmed is a whole new puzzle experience with a highly interactive environment where saving monsters is the name of the game!

Buster Boy for iPhone (beta version)

Video of a pre-release version of Buster Boy.